air express

Air Express

For the sake of transparency and respect for the clientele, Intraco Traders, Inc. displays its Service Rates:

Intraco Traders offers an express service to Port-Au-Prince from Monday to Friday. The cut off time for next day service is 3 PM.

Here is how pricing is calculated:

From 1 gram to 29 lbs: $100

Over 35lbs (actual or volumetric weight*, which ever is the greater): $3.50 /lb

A documentation fee of $35 is applied to all shipments

*Volumetric weight is calculated as follows:

Centimeters and Kilograms - Length x Width x Height/5000

Inches and Pounds - Length x Width x Height/139

There is a 2.75 % charge for major credit card transactions and 3.5% +15 cts for manually entered transactions